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Made in Kampala

The Project

We moved into our office space at the Design Hub Kampala in 2017. Frustrated by the high price of imported furniture and unpredictability of locally produced furniture, we decided to design and make our own furniture. In collaboration with a highly skilled local carpenter, we developed simple and affordable desks and storage units for our space.


The carpenter’s knowledge of durable affordable materials led us to the use of locally produced block board and recycled metal. The recycled metal is sourced locally and welded in his workshop.


The block board is sourced locally and is cut, sanded and varnished in the carpenter’s workshop.


Our minimal design approach makes it possible for the carpenter to hire and train more workers as production increases.

Meet the Team


Doreen Adengo

Designer – Uganda/USA

Nina Peters

Designer – Germany

Bashire Nsimbe

Carpenter – Uganda

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